Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is fast growing, not only do people want systems for cooling, there is a great demand for heating also.

Air Conditioning has had an incredible impact on the way we live, giving us the option to work, play and relax in controlled environments. We live in air-conditioned homes, travel to our air-conditioned workplaces in air-conditioned cars, shop in air-conditioned stores and enjoy sports in air-conditioned arenas.... Air conditioning has changed the way we live.

Why Choose Direct Cooling

We believe that with over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and are able to deliver you the highest standard of equipment you require. We are committed to delivering you the best quality with 100% backup and advise.

There are 2 particular systems to choose from, Standard R407C and Inverter R410A systems.

Why choose Inverter

The use of inverter technology saves energy for two main reasons:

  • The compressor varies its speed to match the cooling or heating load and therefore consumes only the power necessary to match the exact requirement of the room
  • When an inverter driven air conditioner is operating at partial load the energy efficiency of the system is significantly higher than at full load. In a typical application partial load conditions prevail for more than 90% of operation time. A fixed speed system can only operate at 100% capacity and cannot match the annual efficiences of an inverter system.

The inverter driven compressors have a high power function to deliver increased capacity at times of high demand, allowing the room target temperature to be reached as rapidly as possible from start up. The additional capacity available when compared to a conventional fixed speed R407c model is up to 33%.

The Inverter models now have a maximum pipe length of 75m between units.

Heating capacity ranges

Cooling capacity ranges


Range of Units

  • Wall Mounted
  • Floor Mounted
  • Ceiling Suspended Mounted
  • Ducted Units
  • Four Way Blow Ceiling Cassette Unit
  • One Way Blow Ceiling Cassette Unit

Range of Units

Type of System

  • "Standard Cooling Only" System
  • "Standard Cooling & Heating" System
  • "Inverter Heat Pump" System
  • "Ceiling Concealed Ducted" System
  • "Standard Multi Split" Systems
  • "Inverter Multi Split" Systems
  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) System


Systems either come as standard or use inverter technology. Inverter systems can reduce power consumption by 70% compared to non-inverter models.

Tax Relief

All inverter models are marked with the ECA logo and are registered on the Energy Technology List and hence qualify for 100% first year enhanced capital allowances (whole system cost and 'reasonable' cost of installation). For further information please go to   ECA logo

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