After Sales Service

All new Air Conditioning installations and refrigeration systems sold come with standard 12 month guarantee.

Extended warranty's on air conditioning systems up to 3 years with parts only can be given only with 12 monthly service agreement taken. This ensures your equipment is in the best working order, this also will maintain performance and reduce electricity consumption.

Direct Cooling can offer service contracts up to 12 months and renewable annually.

We also offer a one off annual service which we recommend to all commercial refrigeration and air conditioning customers. This service is very important to all clients for these reasons:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Reduce Electricity Consumption
  • Less Stress on System
  • Reduce running time
  • More reliability
  • Peace of mind

Avoid Air-conditioned Misery

The Problem

Neglect the care and cleaning of your air conditioning system and you will face four big miseries:

Large Bills
Dirt on an evaporator or condensor coil decreases heat transfer and so reduces energy efficiency. Research shows that dirt in a system can increase consumption by 30%. That means bigger electricity bills.....and a higher Climate Change Levy charge.

Incidentally, refrigerant leaks also reduce efficiency. Regular maintenance using Spectroline leak detection from Advanced will prevent them.

What could be more off-putting than a building that smells? Fungi and bacteria growing in your system can generate vey unpleasant odours.... often the first sign of 'sick' air conditioning. Along with airborne disease organisms and allergens, smells impair a building's 'indoor air quality'. (IAQ)

Fungi, bacteria and viruses - as well as particles of dirt - will collect on the evaporator coil and in the condensate tray. There the microbes find ideal conditions in which to grow, multiply and infect the outgoing air. This will quickly spread bacterial, fungai and viral infections.

Fungal spores, pollen and dust are bad news for sufferers of asthma, hay fever and other allergies. Even with effective filtration, coil hygiene is paramount. Allergens will pass through many standard filters and, with dirt on which to live and breed, your system will concentrate these triggers of allergic reaction. The system will then push them out into the room.

The Solution

Get a full service with chemical cleaning from Direct Cooling.

We can service all year round but do propose a window between February to April as to be prepared for the ambient temperatures of the Summer months. Be prepared and save the hot flushes of broken down un serviced unit.

Ice Machine Servicing

Ice Machines need an acid chemical treated service. One every 12 months.

Here is an example of an un serviced Ice Machine.

Un serviced Ice Machine


Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty can be arranged for some equipment.

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